Wholesalers and Distributors Print

Thank you for your interest in Teknician Solutions as your partner in business. We are primarily a service provider, most of the hardware we buy we install and service. This is very good for wholesalers and distributors since we minimize product returns.

Being a service provider allow us to buy at wholesale price and pass the savings onto our clients, thus benefiting mostly from the service and not as much from the retail side of the transaction. In another words what we buy we already sold.

We store very little and with no significant overhead we maintain the option to offer our clients lots of discounted products from top quality manufacturers.

Since our focus is on service we can offer wholesalers and distributors an affordable way to have all the software installed on the computers, laptops, and servers prior to shipping them to the clients. Much the same if your business is selling used hadware, we can clean it and maintain it for you.

If you're a wholesaler or a distributor we would like to here from you. Please click on "Contact us" on the main menu and get in touch our sales department.