ESABC Executive reply on CBC News Feature “E-waste Dumping Ground” Print

October 23, 2008
ESABC Members
ESABC Executive
Subject: Re: October 22, 2008 CBC News Feature “E-waste Dumping Ground”

In the CBC feature “E-waste Dumping Ground” that appeared on the National News October 22, 2008, the dangers associated with shipment of Electronics offshore  to non OECD countries such as China was documented.  All members of ESABC take end-of-life- responsibility very seriously and deplore such practices.  Our program provides consumers in British Columbia with a solution that is designed to ensure that such shipments do not take place.

Our Stewardship Program delivered by Encorp (Return-It Electronics) audits the material handling chain from the time material is collected by our program until it is turned into a commodity to ensure that no product is shipped offshore to non OECD countries such as China. To achieve this goal ESABC has adopted and applied the stringent recycling qualification process developed by Electronic Product Stewardship Canada (EPSC).  The EPSC developed recycler qualification process has three main objectives:

1) To ensure all EOLE and its waste are handled, transported, processed, stored, and disposed in an environmentally sound manner;

2) To ensure that potentially hazardous components of EOLE are processed in such a manner that reduces negative impact on the environment and worker health and safety; and

3) To track the downstream flow of materials through to the point of final processing or disposition to ensure potentially hazardous components of EOLE are not sent to developing nations for the purpose of recycling and/or disposal.

EPSC’s Recycling Vendor Qualifications Program has been recognized internationally as holding recyclers to an exemplary environmental standard.  Applying this standard, ESABC approved recyclers and their downstreams are audited by an independent third party to ensure that both primary recyclers and sub-contractors handle material in an environmentally safe manner and do not ship it oversees for processing.  Click here for further details on the standards which must be meet by recyclers applying for ESABC approval.  Only three ESABC approved recyclers: Teck, E-Cycle and SIMS have met this standard to date.

ESABC is and will continue to deliver a program which meets the highest environmental standards on your behalf.