Data Transfer $75+ Print

Sand Box Data Transfer is a 100% Secure Data Transfer and as the name indicates it refers to every time the data is moved. For example moving the data from an accessible computer, or a laptop, or a server to a temporary hard drive. And from the temporary hard drive to a DVD or any other media. On every transfer we must be very careful since data loss may occur, and data theft prevention is our priority.

PLEASE NOTE: If your computer crashes or Windows needs to be reinstalled and the hard drive is fully accessible, we don't treat the data handling as Data Recovery $150+ but instead as just Data Transfer $75+

We also take into account how much data needs to be transfered, a few MegaBytes or a few GigaBytes.

Prices on a second hardware for data return vary according to your media choice (Hard Drives, USB External, Flash, DVDs, CDs, others)

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