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Computers, Laptops, Servers UpgradesWe repair, upgrade, and maintain all windows computers, laptops, and servers. We can order, replace, and upgrade any hardware or software.

Even now, cutting-edge systems equipped with the newest processors and most lavish features aren't exactly impulse items. For a modest investment, you can breathe new life into your existing system, and extend your original investment a few more years. In short, the best low-cost PC could turn out to be the one you already own, once it's decked out with the right upgrades.

The big question is which upgrades are worth the money? To help you decide which upgrades make sense for your needs, we examine the components in your existing system, the applications you use most often, and your budget. We'll ensure you spend your money on the right components to keep your system running for another year or two -- until new machines are even brawnier, less expensive, and harder to resist.

A general rule of thumb: Each upgrade takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you have to pay more than about $300 to get another year's use out of your system, or you have to add more than two components, it's probably not worth the money and effort it will take.

(This rule applies to internal components such as the CPU, RAM, and Hard Drive, not to external peripherals like monitors, printers, or scanners. It's easy enough to move these devices to any new system you buy down the road.)

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