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networkOnsite Backup

Our NAS (Network Attached Storage) setup automatically backs up your data from any computer, any server, or any device. Professionally designed and secured, managed and maintained.

But best of all our NAS is hidden so your data is protected from theft, hardrive crashing, stolen hardware.

Offsite Backup

Online backup is an efficient and easy way to back up your data. Your files are securely encrypted, copied, and backed up to servers in an off site data center. This keeps your data safe from things like theft, floods, fires, or hard drive crashes.

The online backed up data can be accessed via the internet. The provider manages all the security and support for the data.

Being able to access your files from anywhere and from any computer is one of the great conveniences of the always-on Internet. With the latest generation of services there is almost no reason not to back your files up into the cloud.

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