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Terms and Conditions is updated with regularity. Please make sure to read it before you submit your hardware to us.

1-) With respect to service,

  • Once notified you have 5 business days to pick up the serviced/returned hardware at our store, after which we have the right to set a fee of $18.75/week for storage and liability.
  • If you fail to pick up the serviced/returned hardware by the 30th day we will not be liable for it nor its content, and we reserve the right to resell it to offset your bill.
  • A finance charge of 5% per month will be charged on all past due balances.

2-) With respect to merchandise,

  • All claims for shortages, damaged shipments or other errors must be in writing to us upon receipt of shipment.
  • Refunded merchandise (if applicable) has to be returned to us within 7 business days of receipt and a restocking charge of 25% will be assessed on all refunds.
  • A finance charge of 5% per month will be charged on all past due balances.
  • Until we have received full payment the merchandise remains our property and shall be kept separate and apart from other goods or items and you shall maintain a separate accounting book for the merchandise.
  • You agree that we have the right to set off payment against any money or goods due or belonging to you.

3-) RMA Procedures,

  • Merchandise returned to us must include copy(s) of original invoice(s) and a copy of RMA request form. RMA Number if issued is valid for 30 days only.
  • DOA (Dead On Arrival) items must be returned with original packing and all accessories within the warranty period.
  • Any returned item received damaged, tampered, altered and/or abused will be subject to refusal and warranty voided.
  • All returns must be shipped fright prepaid and must have an RMA number printed on the shipping label.
  • Warranty is effective from the date of original invoice. For full warranty details, please refer to the Warranty section.