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Mobile Computer Service
Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, New West, Surrey, Ladner, Tsawwassen.

In-Store Computer Service
As long as you're willing to come or ship to us we accept work from everywhere in Canada.

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We cover the entire Canada remotely.

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Try our quick, knowledgeable, and experienced onsite service for a reasonable cost.

For over 21 years Teknician Solutions has been helping small businesses and home computer users with hardware, software, and network solutions through our quick mobile service. These businesses and computer users have realized the benefits of having Teknician Solutions as their mobile service partner to support their existing technology and assisting in resolving technical issues from a hardware, software, and network perspective.


Corporate Managed IT, Projects, and Computer Services

We are your best choice for computer support for businesses that don't have an internal computer service department. We specialize in solving your IT needs quickly and efficiently allowing you to concentrate on your primary business. We are proud to provide you with one point of contact for all your IT requirements as we have procedures, and tools that pertain to the operation, administration, maintenance, and provisioning of networked systems.

This is just a few of the many computer repair and maintenance projects we offer our business clients in your area:

  • Computers, Laptops, and Servers repairs, upgrades, and maintenance
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Complete Data Backup
  • Data Restore Solutions
  • Network Repair and Maintenance
  • Web servers, eMail Servers, FTP Servers and File Server Repair and Maintenance
  • Upgrades to any existing windows computer
  • Onsite consultations, quotations, custom projects.
  • InWall and exposed Cat5e/Cat6 cabling. Patch panels and wall jacks.
  • Wired and Wireless Home and Business Networking Solutions
  • Terminal Service and VPN Configuration and Maintenance
  • VPN and Remote Access Integration
  • eMail Virus, Spyware, Malware, and Spam Protection
  • Network Hardware Installation
  • Computers, Laptops, Servers Ongoing Maintenance
  • Emergency Priority Service Response is available
  • Web Site Maintenance and Search Engine Optimization

When you partner with Teknician Solutions, customer service doesn't end when you receive your equipment - it's only the beginning of a long-term relationship we enjoy with all our clients. Every new computer system or server that we provide includes a comprehensive parts and labour warranty. Our skilled technicians are available to help you during extended hours and we are proud of our fast response and turn-around time. For more information please call our office at (604) 728-2325


Home Computer Repair and Maintenance Services

We are your best choice for computer support for home users in your area when you need help now. Our skilled technicians can usually diagnose and repair most computer and internet problems remotely - on your schedule! This is just a few of the many computer repair and maintenance services we offer residents of your area:
  • Computer Setup and Installation
  • Software and Operating System Problems
  • Hardware Setup and Installation
  • Computer Upgrades, Repair and Maintenance
  • Virus removal, Anti-Virus software
  • Privacy and Security software
  • Popup Blocking
  • Spyware and Adware Removal
  • Hacker Protection
  • Data Backup and Protection
  • eMail Spam Protection
  • Home Wired and Wireless Networking
  • Internet and Printer Sharing
  • Digital Camera Installation and Setup
  • Printer Setup, Installation and Maintenance
  • Scanner Setup, Installation and Maintenance

For all residents of the Lower Mainland we offer onsite technical services. We can dispatch a technician to your home or office 7 days a week. For more information please call our office at (604) 728-2325


Maintenance and Diagnostic Services

Our diagnostic service offers an excellent value. Our skilled team of technicians can analyze your system for every known computer problem, including testing of:
  • RAM Memory
  • Hard Drives
  • Level of Dirt and Dust in the System
  • Cabling Integrity (poor cabling can cause overheating)
  • Analysis of Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, Worms
  • Analysis of vital cooling fan quality
  • Analysis of the integrity of Windows System Files
  • CD or DVD ROM Drive Functionality
  • Video RAM and Video Card Functionality
  • Sound Card Functionality
  • Network Interface Card Functionality
  • Anti Virus, including updates and configuration
  • Service Pack Level for the Operating System Installed

Upon your request a complete duplicate of your hard disk drive will be made safeguarding your data. We will provide the findings of our diagnostics. No additional charges will be made without your authorization. For more information please call our office at (604) 728-2325


Network Support and Diagnostics

Teknician Solutions is dedicated to providing superior technical support services, network support and installation services, custom manufactured computer systems, and comprehensive consulting services. Teknician Solutions provides complete solutions for business and personal use. Specialties include Local Area Networks using Windows Server Technologies, Microsoft Operating System software, shared Internet products that allow multiple users to access the Internet with a single high speed connection and wireless network solutions.

Teknician Solutions can remotely connect to you network thought internet to diagnose and test your LAN server and PC's in the following fields:
  • RAM usage level
  • Hard Disk status, free/usage percentage
  • CPU resources usage
  • Applications installed/remove in each machine
  • Anti Virus software update
  • Firewall protection configuration
  • DHCP configuration
  • Group computers configuration
  • LAN topological connection
  • We are the network experts in the Lower Mainland

For more information please call our office at (604) 728-2325


Hard Drive Data Recovery and Lost Prevention

If your hard drive has crashed and you think you've lost all your data we are often able to recover data using our data recovery tools and utilities.

We recognize the importance of your data. Businesses today store vital information on computer systems. In the event of drive failure it is critical to be able to retrieve this information. Teknician Solutions Hard Drive Data Recovery has a well deserved reputation for its quality data recovery services. We can recover data from most types of media, including server, desktop and notebook hard disk drives including IDE, SATA, and SCSI. Our data recovery services include support of all windows operating systems.

Teknician Solutions utilizes a range of professional data recovery techniques. We have had great success with clients. You can arrange with customer service to send us your notebook for laptop data recovery, disk drives or digital media for data recovery services.

  • We can recover data from hard drives
  • We can recover critical files and eMails
  • We can recover corrupted and deleted files
  • We can recover lost files

Your First Response: If you suspect your data is damaged or your hard drive is failing and you do not have a current backup you may need data recovery services, turn off your computer immediately to stop more damage from being done. Call our Data Recovery Specialists for more information (604) 728-2325