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Mobile Computer Service
Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, New West, Surrey, Ladner, Tsawwassen.

In-Store Computer Service
As long as you're willing to come or ship to us we accept work from everywhere in Canada.

Remote Computer Service
We cover the entire Canada remotely.

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Home Remote Computer Service Annual Unlimited Tech Support for just $225/year
Annual Unlimited Tech Support for just $225/year Print E-mail

remote_support_12100% Confidential. Take advantages of our low-cost remote computer service,

Promptness: We find solutions to your problems quickly and efficiently, with the majority of issues solved in minutes the same day, around your schedule avoiding negative impact in your daily operations.

Cost Effectiveness: Since an onsite visit is not needed the costs associated with support (gas, traveling time, minimum 1hr of work) are eliminated.

Availability: Assuming you have a working internet connection, remote support is available to you anywhere you are in the world. Evidently, service will be faster and the problem will be solved sooner if you have a high speed internet connection.

How can we help you with Remote Computer Service?

We save you hundreds of dollars by eliminating computer problems before they become headaches. Trust our quick remote service, try it first:

  • Virus, spyware, malware, trojan check
  • Identify spyware applications, malware toolbars at a glance
  • Tune up, clean up, and boot optimization
  • Software conflicts, speed and performance
  • Uninstall unneeded and unwanted software
  • Setup/configure email, internet, office, windows/mac, more..
  • Install new software, updates, protection, and renew others
  • System and program settings, security
  • Software upgrades & patches
  • Help with hardware installation/configuration
  • Solve windows errors & spot computer glitches
  • Troubleshooting hardware, software, driver conflicts and glitches
  • Assist with your printer or other peripheral devices
  • Increase the security of your Internet connection
  • Software Tutoring, General PC/MAC use, and System Configuration
  • .. and much more
What we can't do with our Remote Computer Service?

There are some things that remote support is unable to do and an onsite visit would be necessary, for example:

  • Network/Internet connection problems - as the service relies on a working internet connection, this type of problem cannot be solved using our browser based remote support.
  • Hardware problems - network card/modems/memory/etc - hardware problems that cause the machine not to start up or affect its internet connection will require an onsite visit.
What computers we can work on remotely?

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Windows Small Business Server 2000, SBS 2003, and SBS 2008 (all including 64-bit).
  • Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or any other webbrowser.
  • A computer always connected to the Internet via Cable or DSL (ADSL) modem. Wireless connections need be strong and reliable.
  • On Windows you must be a user with administrative privileges to install the small software that allow us remote access to your computer. The software and its installation is free. You can check your current username by opening the Control Panel on your PC and clicking on User Accounts.

As easy as taking control of your keyboard and mouse through a web browser, just as if we were physically sitting at it.

How do we manage the remote connection?

Fast P2P Performance

We directly communicate with remote computers via point-to-point functionality. The hands-off connection with your computer is done at industry-leading remote control speeds.

Dashboard View

We quickly analyze system health with a digest view of critical data about the computer including system info, event viewer, running processes, network traffic and scheduled tasks.

Computer Management

We can view and click to drill down and view interrelated files, services and processes for rapid issue resolution. The user manager, drivers, registry editor, event viewer and reboot features provide additional management tools.

File Transfer

We can transfer files between local and remotely accessed computers. All transfers are encrypted with industry-leading encryption so data is secure.


We can share files too large for email, thus eliminating the need to send large attachments. You click a secure link to download the file directly from our system.


Teknician Solutions will treat your data and information private and confidential. No information will be disclosed without your express consent.