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Mobile Computer Service
Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, New West, Surrey, Ladner, Tsawwassen.

In-Store Computer Service
As long as you're willing to come or ship to us we accept work from everywhere in Canada.

Remote Computer Service
We cover the entire Canada remotely.

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Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux, and Windows re-Installations Print E-mail

Operating System re-Installations differ from just installations in the possibility that the existing data on the hard drive might need to be backed up first.

If that's the case then a backup/restore fee will be charged. Your data is backed up for at least 15 days unless you indicate otherwise. We do data restore to its the original location after the OS re-install. For example in we restore the Desktop data to the Desktop, My Documents to My Documents, the email database to where is supposed, and son on..

Data Backup, for example, refers to taking the data out of an accessible computer, laptop, or server and putting it in another media like a hard drive, a DVD, a USB Device, etc.

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